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Stainless steel bathroom cabinet bathroom space to start monopoly

Published:2014-09-28 Views:7827

This year, the bathroom space playing "Transformers", whether it is still on the Guangzhou Shanghai exhibition kitchen, bathroom rookie stainless steel bathroom cabinet have detonated the entire bathroom mall, a great alternative to traditional wood bathroom cabinets trend.
     The reporter yesterday from Shunde section Habitat fitted companies know that many high-end customers in the purchase of sanitary ware, stainless steel bathroom cabinet into their first choice.
     Diverse styles extended space
     Bathroom space in addition to showers, grooming, toileting function, but also should be a relaxing space to enjoy. Over the years, more high-end customers in the bathroom decorated division, are expected to be more bold in the raw materials.
     According to reports, the traditional bathroom cabinet mostly composite panels, wood panels or pvc board material, but this year the new bathroom cabinet stainless steel materials could replace traditional materials. Yu Gong told reporters, stainless steel bathroom cabinet-style novel, diverse markings become a new trend this year prevalence bathroom space.
     From the point of view of professional planning point of view, a lot of use in the bathroom space stainless steel and glass, but also help to extend the space, so little space "big" together.
     Extra moisture by the use of raw materials

"Foshan relatively humid air, the raw material needs of the bathroom is relatively high." Most current UN tribunal bathroom cabinets are the traditional use of composite panels, wood panels and other raw materials, despite the disposal of these materials, but with a long time, still The draft will be presented to swell due to deformation or bursting doubt.
     "Stainless steel bathroom cabinet presented able to overcome these drawbacks in traditional bound extent."

     There can be custom colored map

     In addition, the appearance of stainless steel bathroom cabinet, consumers can also be based on the favorite since a personalized plan.

     Stainless steel cold and bright colors, but not the traditional way to make a lot of consumers are unable to use fantasy: Stainless steel can also change the game? The answer is: Yes.

     According to reports, since consumers can be based on a favorite, pick the desired picture or color, personalized custom.

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