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Stainless steel bathroom cabinet buying tips

Published:2014-09-28 Views:7682

Stainless steel bathroom cabinet selection of high quality stainless steel materials, through the oil, pull sand, shearing, punching, bending, filling, welding, assembly, grinding and other dozens of technical processing. In stainless steel plate appearance and no special disposal fingerprint technology can be useful to ensure that no traces of the use of the process of contact, easy care; not crack, mildew proof, waterproof and anti-rust, durable, green, and stainless steel also can be recovered again with. So stainless steel bathroom cabinet how buy it? The following is a set of stainless steel bathroom cabinet, we will buy trick, expect some assistance to you.

1. Stainless steel bathroom cabinet information is not reasonable

Not the same stainless steel bathroom cabinet, exterior material is different. Such as tables, chairs, cabinets legs, needs to use hardwood, compared to robust, able to load, and the internal use of materials you can use other materials; thickness requirements wardrobe legs reach 2.5 cm, it is stupid thick, thin simple twists deformation; kitchen, bathroom cabinets do not use fiberboard, but should use plywood, fiberboard water will swell due to damage; table should be washable. Found wood insect eyes, off late, incomplete drying clarify. View finished appearance, but also to open doors, drawers door to see the material has no pedantic, able to use a fingernail to pinch the inside of a pinch, pinch go on to clarify the material pedantic. After opening the door with his nose to smell, if pungent, garish, tears, clarify glue formaldehyde content is too high, would be harmful to the human body.

2. Stainless steel bathroom cabinet legs is not flat

The stainless steel bathroom cabinet shake on the ground a glance, and some stainless steel bathroom cabinet as long as three-legged landing. Take a look at the desktop is not straight, not arch his back or collapsed waist. Desktop projections put the glass will spin; desktop recessed, put a pressure on the broken glass. Note Check doors, drawers parting can not be too large, to pay attention to smooth vertical and horizontal, the door can not sag.

3. Stainless steel bathroom cabinet layout is not strong

Small pieces of stainless steel bathroom cabinet, such as chairs, stools, racks, etc. in the choice can drag a drag on the concrete floor, quietly fell Yishuai, loud sound, better clarify quality; sound dumb if there Pilipala noise, clarify mortise contact does not close, the layout is not strong.

4. Stainless steel bathroom cabinet veneer patchwork Yan lax

Whether paste wood veneer, PVC is still attached to the pre-paint paper, should pay attention to the leather is not too flat stick, with or without drum kits, blistering, patchwork lax appearance. Check to see when the light directed at, or do not see. Ash wood veneer stainless steel bathroom cabinet easily damaged, generally only two years. On wood veneer, veneer edge planing better than peeling. Identify the two approaches is to look at the timber markings, Sliced ??veneer wood grain straight and dense, peeling veneer stripes song and sparse. Particleboard veneer stainless steel bathroom cabinet, landing some necessary Edge, Edge board will not absorb moisture, swell and damage. General veneer stainless steel bathroom cabinet corner local simple tilt to choose when to pull the look can hand corner, if a pull on up, there are questions to clarify with plastic.

5. Stainless steel bathroom cabinet edging is not flat

Edge uneven, wet the wood to clarify a few days Edge will fall. Edge should be rounded, not straight edge at right angles. Simple damp side sealed with wood or crack. Plywood package inserts of stainless steel bathroom cabinet, including the strip is nailed in place, pay attention to the eye is not flat nails, nail holes and color at the other place is not common. General nail holes are sealed with putty, putty has to drum up attention, as stated can not drum up gradually putty will fall out from inside.