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Routine maintenance Tips oak bathroom cabinet

Published:2014-09-28 Views:7442

1 oak bathroom cabinets are solid wood bathroom cabinet is very sensitive to moisture and moths fear, so on the surface when you can smear a little maintenance cooked tung oil to prevent pests there is what we try to avoid using heavy impact or when in use friction bathroom counter tops, it is best not to use corrosive cleaning agents to clean the table!
2 bathroom cabinet wetland measures need to be taken when comparing the use of wet wipe dry with a soft cloth to avoid wood cabinets inside the natural evaporation of moisture and deformation or cracking.
3 bathroom cabinet when handling, should Qingtai light, not hard drag; When placing, uneven ground, it should be a real leg pad.
4 Do not put bathroom cabinet exposure to sunlight, and do not over-dry place, in suitable ventilated place.
5 bathroom cabinet ceramic basin scratches Treatment: Ceramic pots surfaces should be kept clean, dust sand promptly remove one rubs the surface, when the surface is scratched ceramic pots can be painted with a little toothpaste on the scratched area with a soft dry repeatedly wiping cloth in waxing, make the surface smooth as a new bathroom cabinets.

6. oak bathroom cabinet regular waxing, at least once every six months or 12 months with wax for oak bathroom cabinet to wipe a layer of wax, not only can remove the watermark can be removed white printing, when we waxed when you can make the surface remains smooth bathroom cabinet as new!
There are cracks in the bathroom cabinet 7, paints and pigments can be used to embed block flat stirring to keep for a long time is not bad, but the putty and paint and the original paint the same color to avoid scarring
A burn marks: fireworks left scorch marks in the bathroom counter, if the paint scorched, available on a toothpick wrapped in a layer of fine lines hard cloth, gently wipe marks, and then coated with a thin layer of vinegar, scorch can be removed
B Hot Streak: white bathroom cabinet left burn marks, usually just with alcohol, toilet water, kerosene wet cloth to wipe
C water stain marks: cover with a damp cloth prints bathroom cabinet, electric iron accidentally pressed a damp cloth, printed marks to disappear
D abrasions: bathroom cabinet paint scratches, do not touch the wood under the paint, the same color as the cabinets are available with crayons or paint, applied in the cabinet of the wound to cover the exposed background, and then coated with a thin transparent nail polish one layer can be.